Town house Jakarta Selatan

Town house Jakarta Selatan

Town house Jakarta Selatan could be an amazing choice for you to have it as your assets. In Indonesia, the trend of the townhouse began to emerge since its development in the mid-1990s. At that time, the developers of the current model is more aimed on the expatriate market. Therefore, most of the houses in the area of the townhouse and then rented to the workers who have foreign citizenship. And now, townhouse Jakarta Selatan become one of the most wanted area amongst property developer or even customer who have enough budget to purchase it.

The term town house is actually adopted from the United States. In their home country, townhouses known as row houses  but eventually replaced by town houses for promotional purposes. But, townhouse project in Indonesia has not fully replicated the concept of townhouses in the United States, where residents have parking spaces under occupancy. The town house Jakarta Selatan became one of the favorite places for developers to build town house area has a high sales value. It is because the contour of the land in South Jakarta is more solid and has a height of more than any other area in the province of Jakarta.


Choosing Your Own Town House Jakarta Selatan


Classical problems which must become seriously concerned by both developers and consumers are like frequent floods that hit Jakarta every year. So, they chose to live in an area that has a solid ground contours with a certain height limit. In fact, some people considered that lived in town house Jakarta Selatan has more prestige than other regions.


No wonder then many emerging town houses built in the south of Jakarta. It would be a great opportunity for some people to have town house Jakarta Selatan in their assets.
But that does not mean that the town houses have no shortage. Based on the Head of Research Jones Lang Lasalle Anton, the townhouse has a number of weaknesses. The first is from the sociological side. It is because residents, who live in a townhouse area, have an amounted less average of the social interaction between neighbors in one area or block.
The second weakness is the owner should not change the design of their homes as they wish. It has become the general rule of all property developers in the townhouse that each resident may not change the design of their homes except for retaining authenticity. It makes you impossible to renovating or remodeling your home as you or your family wishes. Are you still interested to have townhouse Jakarta Selatan to be your home living?


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